About the Society

The Japan Society of Human Growth and Development, founded on October 14, 2002, has its origins in the Special Research Committee of Human Growth and Development of the Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences. The Special Research Committee was established in 1962, and after 40 years of existence, was given a new form to enter the new century.

Since its founding, the society has welcomed many experts, with current enrollment at over 850 members and counting.

Our journal, “Japan Journal of Human Growth and Development Research”, is always open to submissions from members, mainly original manuscripts, which are rigorously and constructively peer-reviewed by two referees.

The society is the largest in the country focusing on growth and development, and we are confident in our development into a leading organization befitting that status. Because the society can deal comprehensively with all sciences relating to growth and development, we welcome submissions from a wide variety of fields, not limited to physical education and sports.

We hold an annual meeting in February or March of every year.

Japan Society of Human Growth and Development
Seiji Osawa, Director