About the Journal

Submission Guidelines for the Japan Journal of Human Growth and Development Research

1. Submissions and Acceptance
  1. 1) Submissions must be original and unpublished research related to growth and development.
  2. 2) The contributing author and co-authors must be members of the the Japan Society of Human Growth and Development
  3. 3) Acceptance of submissions is decided by the editorial committee after evaluation by two referees. Once a manuscript is accepted, it should be sent as a Word or Excel file. Manuscripts that are not accepted will be promptly returned.
  4. 4) To ensure impartial review, please do not include acknowledgments and other notes until after a manuscript has been accepted for publication.
  5. 5) At the top of the cover page of a submission, please clearly write “Japan Journal of Human Growth and Development Research”.
2.Writing Guidelines
  1. 1) Manuscripts should not exceed 8 printed pages. If over 8 pages, the cost of printing the additional pages, charts and photographs, will be paid for by the author.
    The length of the manuscript includes the abstract (up to 300 words, 250 characters), manuscript body, bibliography, diagrams, charts, and photographs.
    Manuscripts that greatly exceed these limits will not be accepted, except with the permission of the editorial board.
  2. 2) Please send 3 copies of your submission: 1 regular copy, and 2 copies with the name of the contributor and institution removed.
  3. 3) On the cover page, please write in both Japanese and English: title, author(s), affiliated institution(s), contact information (including e-mail address), 3-5 keywords.
  4. 4) Please use arabic numerals and SI units.
  5. 5) Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, corrections may be made once, but changes to the content of the manuscript are not permitted.
  6. 6) Manuscripts will not be returned. If return is necessary, please clearly indicate on the manuscript.
  7. 7) Manuscripts should conform to the following format:
    1. (1) Format for citations within manuscript body:
      • Source with one author: According to Satou (2004)…, …have also reported this (Satou, 2004 ; Suzuki, 2005).
      • Source with two authors: According to Satou and Suzuki (2004)…, Satou and Suzuki (2005) report that…
      • Source with three or more authors: Satou et al. (2004) report that…, According to Satou et al. (2005)…, have demonstrated this trend (Satou et al., 2005).
      • Same author, but different publications published in same year: Satou (2004a)…, Satou (2004b)…
    2. (2) List authors in the bibliography in alphabetical order. List all author names (do not abbreviate with et al.). List authors by family name first.
    3. (3) Format for journals and books in the bibliography
      • Journals:
        Author name (publication year) title {subtitle, if any}, journal name, issue number, page numbers
        Ohta, I. and Ohta, J. (2005) Mathematical analysis on human growth, Jpn. J. Human Growth and Development Research, 10(1), 1-6
      • Books
        Author name, editor name (publication year) book title {subtitle, if any}, publisher, pages, {collection or series}
        Example: Ohta, S. (2005) “Recent Trends in Growth Statistics in Southeast Asia”, Kyorin Books, 100-102
  8. 8) Please submit manuscripts by post or e-mail (PDF files only) to this address:
    Japan Journal of Human Growth and Development Research, Editorial Office
    Kyorin-Shoin Publishers
    4-2-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
    Tel +81-(0)3-3811-4887
    Fax +81-(0)3-3811-9148
    E-mail: jshgd@kyorin-shoin.co.jp

    Questions and comments in Japanese only please.
3. Copyright

For the efficacy of the system of digital distribution, published manuscript copyrights are transferred to the Japan Society of Human Growth and Development.

(Established March 1, 2004)
(Revised October 16, 2009)
(Revised March 16, 2013)